> System Packages

Our expertise in heat transfer and corrosion resistance enabled us to develop certain processes where this equipment is commonly used. See how a full system package can save you money and improve your performance.

 HCI Synthesis           > Sulphuric Acid Dilution          > Steam Condenser   

  > HCI Recovery            > Sulphuric Acid Recovery 

> Pressure Vessels

With 5 large, well equipped factories, it should be no surprise that we can provide exceptional value for your pressure vessel application!

Carbon Steel                       > Stainless Steel           > Reactive Metal   

> Cladding Technology         > Non-metal    

> Heat Exchangers

Our production facilities manufacture more than 150 heat exchangers per day. This volume together with the wide selection of products available allow us to find the best solution for your application, not simply offer what we have available.

 > Small Shell & Tube                     > Gasketed Plate          > Spiral   

  > Engineered shell & Tube           > Brazed Plate              > Gas-Gas                

  > Non-Metallic Exchangers          > Air Cooled                  

 > Ball Valves                      > Butterfly Valves           > Check Valves   

 > Diaphragm Valves        > Flush Valves                 > Plug Valves

 > Expansion Joints           > Piping      

We have a wide range of plastic / polymer lined piping products which enables us to optimise for your application. In addition, our valves pack many design innovations which increase reliability and save money.

> Lined Valves & Piping

Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Lined Valves

Using our knowledge of engineered products and our clients' application, we leverage the broad palette of options we have available to optimise our solution for you. Our products are engineered to provide not only reliability but also reasonable investment cost and quick turnarounds on delivery.