• SS304, 316, Ti, Hastelloy, Inconel  plates

• Many gasket options

• Semi-weld, double wall and free-flow designs available

• 6mm to 100mm connections

• Flows to 7,000 m3/hr

• Areas to 5,000 m2

Design Pressure
Design Temperature
Standard20 bar170 deg C
Custom30 bar

Flexibility designed in...

  • High and low turbulence plates
  • Many choices of material for both plates and gaskets
  • Free-flow plate profiles available for high solids applications
  • Semi-welded plate design for applications where gaskets cannot be used (i.e. ammonia)
  • Double wall design with predetermined leak paths to prevent cross-contamination

Gasketed Plate

Gasket type plate heat exchangers contain a stack of thin horizontally stacked plates with gaskets in-between. The hot and cold fluids flow on either side of the plate in a pure counter-current arrangement. The plates are stamped with a pattern designed to induce turbulence and therefore improve heat transfer. This type of heat exchanger can achieve extremely narrow thermal approaches and therefore offers a much more compact design than shell and tube.