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Korrex Pty Ltd is now InKorr Pty Ltd

The name has changed along with the logo and the colours on our website. What has not changed is our passion for designing the best solution for our clients! Please make a note of the new site as well as the new contact details. InKorr is here to find solutions for you! You can rely on us to examine multiple technologies and recommend the best solution!

InKorr Pty Ltd

InKorr is an Australian company focused on delivering the best solution to our clients. Our expertise is in engineered equipment and products particularly heat exchangers, columns, vessels and PTFE lined piping and PFA lined valves. We have the tools and experience to design a solution together with you from our Melbourne, Victoria location. Some small products are quick-ship items and can be delivered from our warehouse and others are delivered from our exceptional international partners.

Heat exchanger specialties:

Pressure vessel specialties:

Valve and piping specialties:

Heat Exchangers, Lined Valves and Piping

Need a Complete Solution?

We are happy to work with our clients to develop a full system that will save you time and money!

Innovative Valves

Who says all PFA lined valves are the same. Our lined valves have many unique design features that you will come to rely on...

Welded plate solutions

Welded plate heat exchangers can often save cost and space in any plant or skid.  Ask us how we can make your skid smaller!

Fast delivery

Although many of our products are custom engineered, we do have a few that can be delivered exceptionally fast.

Fouling and viscous fluids

We have many solutions for fouling and viscous fluids. We can help you balance free flow requirements, ease of cleaning and turbulence to ensure peak performance.

Expertise is included!

Although we are primarily an equipment supplier, we do assist clients earlier in the design of their plants. We will give the right advice, even if it is a product we do not supply!